The Wind Ups are a collective of Gramophone DJs. We spin authentic shellac 78 rpm records on clockwork wind-up His Masters Voice gramophone turntables with modern Technics 1210 tone arms, creating a beautiful sound.

Contact: music@thewindups.co.uk

The Wind Ups - Wind It Up



With a huge collection of 78’s, we can play anything from pre-1920’s ragtime right up to tracks from the rock n roll days of the 1950’s. Swing, Charleston and Big Band beats will get you dancing, so expect to hear the likes of Ted Heath, Nat King Cole, Billy Mae, Les Paul and Max Bygraves to name but a few.

Then, of course, there are the beautiful voices of Doris Day, Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como and Frank Sinatra to soothe your souls and your feet when you are all swung out.

The Wind Ups - Wind It UpWe can also bring along the Wind-Up dance troupe to perform with us and teach you how to dance the Charleston! The most infectious dance ever created, it’s guaranteed to get everyone on their feet.


We are available to entertain at any event, whether it be your wedding reception, birthday party, swing dancing evenings or corporate events.

Please get in touch with us for further information and details on our fees:


Watch our videos from the Brighton Big Top Ball in aid of the The Linkylea Trust, and from Over the Moon Festival.



White Night Brighton
“Thank you to you all for being such a brilliant and very apt part of the Alternative Village Fete. It felt completely right to have the Wind Up’s there – you helped build a perfect atmosphere with your wonderful, quirky rare tunes, your lovely laid back style and great visual look… all in all, you were the icing on our cake!”
Emma Haughton ‘Producer, AVF’The Wind Ups - Wind It Up

The Fiveways Artists Group
“We hired The Wind Ups and thought they were brilliant. They looked great and sounded amazing. Their eclectic collection of 78rpm records kept us rocking all night. You wouldn’t believe so much fun could be got from a wind up!”
Dave Williams ‘Secretary The Fiveways Artists Group’